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Greeting Card Keeper by Iris®
Organize those greeting cards you give for every occasion or those you enjoy holding onto for years to come with this Card Keeper Box from Iris®. This card case is a wonderful solution for storing and organizing your ever growing pile of greeting cards. Made from a clear polypropylene plastic, the box is equipped with 6 dividers to provide convenient labeling for names, dates and occasions. The snap shut lid ensures that the contents are safe and secure, while the sturdy design of the box allows for it to be easily stacked and stored.

Not only does this card keeper organize and store your greeting cards, it allows you to keep in touch with your loved ones and acquaintances by always having a steady supply of cards handy. The box also keeps you from getting stressed out when it comes to getting that last minute card. Now you’ll always have the right card for the right occasion. This storage container also works great for recipe cards, coupons and large photographs.

• Constructed of a clear polypropylene plastic
• Equipped with 6 dividers
• Snap shut lid ensures contents are safe and secure
• Can be easily stacked and stored
• Works great for recipe cards, coupons and large photographs

Size: 7 1/2"tall x 11"wide x 9 1/2"deep

More Details:
Brand: Iris USA